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Affiliate Program

UbexInvest offers a lucrative affiliate program for you to make money by referring clients. You can promote UbexInvest, by placing our banners or text ads on your website, blog or you can simply put the affiliate link in message forum signatures, email signatures, promoting to your friends, family members or co-workers. We offer 5% referral commission for every amount your referral deposits with us. Any additional investment made by your affiliate will generate further 5% commission.

Commission are credited to your UbexInvest, account balance instantly, with no complexities or delays. Your affiliate link is located in the "Affiliate Program" section of your account menu.

How much will I earn?

Different people invest different amounts. The greater the volume of investments is the more your income is. For example, your friend has registered following your link and has made deposit in the amount of 1000 US dollars You already receive 50 US dollars and you will continue receiving 5% from all further investment.

Registration takes only several minutes. No minimum quantity of invited users is required, that's why the affiliate link you receive does not commit you to anything. We hope that our cooperation will be efficient and mutually beneficial.

Why join our Referral Program

More Money
You will increase your daily income dramatically - the more you work, the more you get.

We have developed a lot of advertising materials to help you start working as a partner, feel free to use contents of this site for any advertising pupose.

As your Technical and Financial Backbone, we are always here when you need us.

We can consult on technical, financial and other issues or assist with investment solutions related inquiries.

Promotional materials
You can use any of company's promotional materials, e.g banners, to advertise your affiliate link and/or Prince Fund investment solutions for free.

Anti Spam Policy

UbexInvest will not tolerate spamming and has a zero tolerance policy regarding the transmission of "spam" e-mail.

UbexInvest requires that all members who use our services abide by our Anti-Spam policy and they expressly warrant that they will not engage in spamming. We want to assure you that your complaint will be taken very seriously. We need your help to insure that no one is sending unauthorized e-mails.

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