When your money is safe everything is too.

Why invest with us

We offer a number of advantages (benefits) that differentiate us in the emerging markets:

1. A wealth of investment opportunities

We have always identify emerging market opportunities where we can anticipate best returns for our customers and purposefully seek to invest in these most attractive opportunities anywhere in UbexInvest.

2. Manage your investments online with UbexInvest

You can manage your account in an easy and convenient way, take control of your investments whenever and wherever your want through our unique online platform.

3. Experienced and professional team

The experienced and professional team is the key asset of our company. At UbexInvest , our investment professionals always achieve the highest level of performance and professional results.

4. Reduce risk via portfolio diversification

With sophisticated risk methodology and broader diversification, we can effectively spread risk in an economically viable way.

5. Strategic advantage

The decisions we make based on our research determines our success. The disciplined implementation of our investment strategy has contributed to our performance achievements. Our investment strategy combines with our portfolio construction methods to provide us with a performance advantage.

6. Invest with peace of mind

With UbexInvest, you can become at ease with your investments. Your investment are made in a disciplined manner and actively monitored by investment team, you can settle back and relax in the knowledge that your investment is professionally managed.

7. Adequate Reserve Fund

We take very seriously our responsibility and maintain an adequate reserve fund at various market conditions to ensure that our customers receive an attractive return without any risks.

8. Referral Incentive Program

With our referral incentive program, you can easily earn a nice and steady income on referrals.

9. Low minimum investment

We make it very easy to get started with as little as $5 for some small investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities.

10. Security and safe

A quality safe is an essential requirement for online investment. As a result, we have taken several crucial measures to ensure the security of your financial transaction.

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